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Posted by Katrina Rasbold Posted on Jul - 09 - 2011

As My Mama Used to Say, “GOOD LORD IN TH’ MORNIN!!’” – Please Read

I was never completely sure what that meant, but it usually involved her fanning herself a lot and looking like she was just going to drop over dead in the floor at any minute, so I’m using it here because wow, GOOD LORD IN TH’ MORNIN!

Debbie doesn’t know I’m posting this and is too busy to find out any time soon, so it’s one of those “Ask for permission? Nah, ask for forgiveness” situations.

As I am sure you could imagine – no wait, even WE couldn’t imagine THIS, so you probably couldn’t either – the announced cancellations of OLTL and AMC, as well as the precariously perched position of GH has resulted in an unprecedented crazy, “overwhelming for a volunteer staff” response to this year’s events. We are inundated with requests for photographs, questions about the events coming in from the world all over and absolutely everyone having a question about their ticket order, their name change, etc.

We are working (literally) day and night to get all of the questions answered, the tickets processed and our hair did (we are from the South, you know). Our families have totally forgotten what we look like, our flowers and pets have all died from neglect and our butts have grown to our office chairs. (OK, our pets are fine, but the rest is true)

If you write to Debbie, you (and We The Staff, let’s be honest here – we ain’t special) will get an automated response because she is up to her sweet ears in envelopes and photos and Red Bull.

In the case that you have questions about anything weekend related, please write to me directly ( and I will do my best to answer or get you pointed in the right directions. None of those “meaning of life” questions or my head will just explode and there goes my pretty hair. You can also reply to any post on this site with a comment and I’ll get that just as fast as an email and come scurrying over to answer you.

There is an UNofficial guide to the weekends here that also might answer some of your questions.

We are doing our best to get all of your questions answered and issues addressed, but your enthusiasm for our shows has us in a mountain of correspondence and we are trying hard to dig out.

I won’t be able to join you this year for the GH weekend, but I plan to be on hand all smiles and hugs for the AMC Celebration of Cast and the Main Cast Luncheon. I look forward to seeing all of you there, provided I can still walk upright.

Lord Bless Ya, Folks,

PS: Will someone please get Linda a beer?

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