Will we get ON or OFF the Prospect Park Rollercoaster?

Hope is quickly fading for the Online launch of our beloved All My Children! Here in a series of articles released by anyone but Prospect Park is a complete breakdown of what is going on from other investigative minds.  Prospect Park really needs to release their own press release with a yah or a nah! Clear up all the rumors with soap fans before it back fires on them!
Report by CNN iReportIt has been almost four months since the July 7th, 2011 announcement by Disney/ABC that the iconic 40+ year soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live had been exclusively licensed to a little known production company, Prospect Park. This announcement came after the April 14th, 2011 Disney/ABC announcement cancelling the long-running shows.

On August 30, 2011, the All My Children cast and crew filmed their final scenes. On September 23, 2011, All My Children aired on Disney/ABC for the last time. While Disney/ABC heavily promoted its replacement show, Prospect Park remained silent. On November 18, 2011, One Life to Live will film its last scenes with a final air date in mid-January 2012.

Through it all, the only information Prospect Park has released directly to the public is that Union/Guild negotiations were taking longer than expected, air dates could be affected, and a new Chief Technology Officer was hired. Then The Online Network (TOLN) (http://theonlinenetwork.com/) was announced. Prospect Park deemed TOLN as future home of All My Children and One Life to Live when they are produced online. The TOLN internet site is a static (non-changing) page with entry fields for a name and either email address or cell phone number to receive updates on the network. The only problem is there are no updates, just the same static page, all the time collecting information.

Usually when inaccuracies are spread, there are statements made to set the record straight. Prospect Park has chosen a different approach, one aligned with the Disney/ABC policy of simply not responding.

Since July 7th, near daily rumors, innuendos, and speculation have surfaced regarding the shows, their casts, crews, studios, schedules, and air dates. Some soap sites keep scores like baseball rosters of who has signed, who has been approached, and who hasn’t. Tweets have become the gospel word, setting off firestorms of articles, blogs, discussions, posts, and further speculation. By the time a Tweet has been repeated in print two or three times, it has lost its providence and becomes truth.

Even Soap fan groups that blindly extolled Prospect Park as the savior of these shows and the soap genre in July are now questioning Prospect Park and its intentions with certain actors and characters. These groups for months vehemently criticized those who questioned Prospect Park. Now they are not only questioning Prospect Park but are bombarding them to voice their concerns, not over whether the shows will survive, but whether their favorite actors will be hired.

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