Who’s Got A Friend?

Commentary By Kate Brown

My favorite AMC couple right now? Annie and Amanda. They’re pretty. The actresses have chemistry galore. They’re fun to watch. And they have something in common-they both know what an ass JR can be.

Oh, and they both come from families that would hardly fall into anyone’s definition of normal. “My brother pushed my father out of the window. “ “Yeah, well my mother killed my father and stuffed him in a freezer.”

No wonder they are drawn to each other as friends. Of course, if they were more than friends, that would be fine, too. Then Bianca would no longer be the only lesbian in town.

But I digress.

It’s been quite some time since AMC had a strong female friend couple. Over the years we have had more than a few strong female friendships Mona & Myrtle, Donna & Estelle, Ruth & Kate, Kitty/Kelly/Kitty & Myrtle, Erica & herself. That’s all I’ve got for now. You’ve probably have many that I cannot even begin to remember.

Why aren’t Opal and Erica on the list? As much as Opal protests that she and Erica are best gal pals, it seems like she is trying just a little too hard to convince everyone. Even herself. Friends need to be equals. Let me rephrase, friends need to treat each other as equals. Erica has no equal. At least in her own mind. Erica is a little too much up there and Opal is a little down there for them to work. And when was the last time we saw them hanging out together as gal pals? Could it be as far back as them shopping for baby clothes in NYC with a kidnapped Maddie in tow?

Creating Fusion was a bonding moment for all the women involved, Liza, Greenlee, Kendall, Mia, and Simone. I looked forward to seeing them create something and make it flourish, without a man saving the day.

Before we knew it, Liza had defenestrated Mia out of jealousy. Simone was reduced to panting heavily after every male that came within scent. (A waste of both character and actress.) And we all know what happened to Greenlee and Kendall. Ryan. Sigh.

Why aren’t Kendall and Greenlee, the best friends that ever best friended, on my list? Every friendship has conflict. Conflict is what makes life interesting.  However, when conflict between friends reaches toxic levels, it’s time to back away. In any given situation, their first reaction is to assume the other one’s guilt. I’d like to think my friends would want a little evidence before judging me. When your reflex action is to think the worst of another person, you’re not friends. You’re people who don’t want to be in each other’s vicinity at all.

Their fights in the past several years (decades?) have involved Ryan. If ever there was anyone not worth destroying a friendship over, it’s Ryan. He has hurt each of them. He has left each of them. He humiliated each of them.  They both adore him now but it’s only a matter before one decides she wants Ryan. She wants him so badly that she will walk over her “best” friend to get him. (Yes, I know Greenlee and Ryan are set to marry, but they aren’t married yet. And this being PV they may never be legally tied.)

Theirs is not a friendship I enjoy watching. It’s a female friendship that TPTB think I want to see.

Which brings me back to Annie and Amanda. A female friendship I do want to watch. Truth be told, I’d rather watch them than any other current couple or storyline. Of course, I don’t want to enjoy them too much or they will be walking over each other for a man. Likely a man not worth destroying a friendship for.

Awkward segue.

I like the new opening. I am surprised because I usually am averse to change, especially when it comes to AMC.

It’s modern but manages to not lose that Pine Valley Vibe we love.

Watching actors/characters disappear from the lineup is sad. It just is. There is no way to make it painless. I am sorry the world lost James Mitchell and Eileen Herlie.

I am broken hearted that David Canary’s chin and his silver locks are nowhere to be found.  I do hold out hope that Adam will return for a visit. It may be a futile hope but it’s a hope nonetheless.

Including video in the opening is a great idea. Erica being all twirly Erica in the park. Kendall being both strong and pissed. Amanda appearing in a clip even though Chrishell Stause hasn’t been on contract (her choice) for quite some time. David sitting on the Yacht Club steps slowly explaining things to another character.

And, really, who can resist seeing Jack’s smile unfold on camera? A thing of beauty. Truly, a thing of beauty.

The best part?  The end shot, where the Kane Women are looking through a photo album.  I’m having a quicktears moment just typing about it.

The new opening pays homage to the past, while including the present, in a graceful way.

Now, if TPTB would carry that idea over into everyday AMC, I’m betting ratings would stop falling. And I might stop bitching. That’s a lie; I’d still bitch, just not all the time.

NYE approaches. I would love to see each character make a resolution. That would give us the joy of seeing whether or not they held to them. I’m betting they’d all cave by the 3rd but I am a cynical kind of woman.

Thank you for reading what I wrote in 2010. I hope you read and enjoy what I write in 2011.

Best Wishes for a Wonderful, Healthy, Safe, and Glorious 2011. 

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