What Will Happen on AMC This Week?

April 25 – 29th

Madison begins to doubt her abilities as a mother, but Scott reassures her.

JR remains determined to win Marissa back and works through Bianca to impress his ladylove.

When Amanda sees that Jake’s actions speak louder than his words regarding Cara, she enacts the age old soap opera woman trick and dumps her birth control.

Ryan worries about Kendall’s determination to continue seeing Ricky knowing what they know.

Griffin is also reluctant to allow Kendall to work the situation on her own.

Jake bristles to learn that Cara and Tad slept together.

Cara resigns from the hospital (who can blame her since she has a stalker?).

Krystal comforts Jack and tries to distract him from Erica’s disappearance.

Bianca realizes she is having romantic feelings for Marissa (didn’t see that coming, did we?).

Asher defends Caleb to JR.

Erica gets the impression that Krystal is her captor.

Griffin makes the decision to leave the country again.

Jack is saddened when he watches a video of Erica talking about all of her marriages.

Bianca shares a thought with Jack.

Kendall plays Ricky perfectly.

Asher gets a look at Bianca’s email.

Asher gets an idea, but Caleb isn’t sold on it.

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