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April 18th – 22nd

Jake bristles when Tad gently tells him that he should stay away from Cara.

Cara and Tad bring down Griffin’s attacker, who insists he only wanted to protect Diana.

Ricky plans a whole new life for himself and Kendall, far away from Pine Valley.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s suspicions about Ricky grow, especially when Ricky recounts an entire conversation that she had in private with Zach.

Kendall retreats to the yacht to think and finds a copy of the original, complete letter from Zach.

Kendall goes to Ryan with her evidence against Ricky.

Cara is skeptical about Kendall’s interesting in helping Griffin.

Kendall and Cara create a distraction by setting off a fire alarm to allow Griffin to escape just as Liza is about to expose his ruse.

Tad takes the fall for Cara.

Ryan tells Ricky that he and Kendall will never give up.

Kendall confides to Griffin her concerns about Ricky.

Ryan says he will help Griffin leave the country and assures Griffin that Kendall will not have to fight the battle alone.

Kendall is unnerved to come home and find Ricky with her sons, uninvited.

Angie tells Krystal about her concerns over Jesse’s behavior.

Jesse dismisses Angie’s worry and tells her that he is merely concerned about Griffin’s case coupled with Erica’s disappearance and has a lot on his mind as a result.

Jesse has trouble bonding with Lucky as memories of his own daughter haunt him.

Angie invites David to tell her about the research he has done into her condition.

Jesse finds David with Angie and kicks him out.

Frankie worries that David might actually gain Angie’s confidence and then harm her.

Angie tells Jesse that she has decided to allow David to try and help her and asks for his support.

Erica’s captor makes her call Jackson and break up with him.

Jackson is not convinced that Erica’s call was authentic.

Opal pushes Caleb to spend time with Krystal, but he resists.

Krystal comforts Jackson.

Greenlee thinks she is making progress with Emma, but a photo of Annie leads Emma to take drastic measures.

Disappointed at being passed over for a position he wanted at the hospital, Scott contacts JR for help.

Marissa tries to resist JR’s charms.

JR realizes that Bianca is his key into Marissa’s heart.

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