The Christina Bennett Lind & Sarah Glendening Interview

Photo courtesy of Sara Hare

Michael Fairman On Air / On Soaps recently posted the following interview.

It seems like a part of a through line of the other canceled soaps before it, that as All My Children goes off the air come this September 23rd after its 40-year-network television run on ABC, it follows the now tradition set by Guiding Light, and As the World Turns …as another soap leaving daytime with a gay love story and/or gay central characters attached to it.  And, as AMC heads into its final month of air shows and final few weeks of taping, the powers-that-be have finally advanced (and rather quickly we might add!) the love story of Bianca Montgomery and Marissa Chandler.

But what makes this story more intriguing are the mere facts that Bianca has fallen in love with a previously known “heterosexual” woman of Pine Valley, and that Marissa started out as Bianca’s divorce attorney while Bianca was trying to extricate herself from a messy divorce and custody battle for her children from her then wife, Reese. (You all remember Reese, don’t you?)  And, while poor Bianca has had more of her share of boggled romances and unimaginable circumstances thrown at her, she has always been the moral center of Pine Valley on the female side.  Of course, what is also fascinating is that as we head towards the network conclusion of this series, both actresses playing the new lovebirds are both recasts…Christina Bennett Lind replacing Eden Riegel as Bianca and Sarah Glendening replacing Brittany Allen as Marissa, both in 2010.

For complete interview: MF On Air/On Line

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