SunSentinel interviews Alicia Minshew

Daytime Emmy nominee Alicia Minshew is best known for playing Kendall Hart for nine years on the soap opera, “All My Children.” A South Florida native, Minshew came home for the holidays and talked about a little of everything — from her cardio and weight training to how pregnancy affected her workouts, and how she loves sardines.

Why do you keep fit?

No. 1, I was raised with it. My mom is a Pilates instructor today in her 60s in Stuart. Exercise makes me feel good and centered, makes me feel healthy. Exercise is a way to relieve stress and feel good. And being a woman, you want to keep your butt tight, arms lean. You want to look good.

As I got older, [I realized] the health reasons: to maintain a healthy heart. My grandmother in Stuart is 100 years old and she does her recumbent bike every day.

I’ve always been a skinny kid; I remember my mom giving me milkshakes [to gain weight]. I still struggle to keep weight on. I do weight training to give muscle on top of my small frame, so I don’t look too skinny and unhealthy.

What’s your workout routine?

Before I had my daughter, Willow — she’s 2 — I worked out right till the day I gave birth. I did the elliptical [machine] the night before I gave birth.

I do weights and the elliptical. With a trainer, I do different weight routines and lots of sit-ups and push-ups and bands. Strength training keeps the muscles on my body.

Sessions are about an hour. If I’m doing cardio with the elliptical, I’m stretching then doing 45 minutes of cardio, then stretching again after. If I’m doing weights, I’m focusing on my core [abs and back], legs, arms.

There is a gym that’s within our development where I do my elliptical and weights with the trainer. But at home, I have weights and bands and great little dumbbells and a mat — my mother bought these. If I don’t feel like going to the gym, I’ll work out at home.

I used to dance when I was younger and continued with Pilates, which is good for dancing. Did Pilates, running and weight training before the baby.

How much baby weight did you gain?

I was a little underweight to start. I started at 108 and put on 16 pounds. I ate so healthy and good, it all went to the baby. I gave birth three weeks early, which was fine. She weighed five pounds, two ounces. My whole family was always petite babies.

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