Stephanie Gatschet answers your questions!

Stephanie wants to answer your questions!

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On her website  page you can submit your questions for their  next Confidential, which is a fan Q&A. All questions go to Stephanie, who selects a few to answer on her site page. There are two to three Confidentials every year. You can join Stephanie’s mailinglist to receive e-mails when new Confidentials are released!

They  are now accepting questions for the next Confidential!

April 29, 2010

About Cancellation

Danya: How did you find out about the cancellation?
Stephanie: A couple hours before the announcement was made, the cast and crew of AMC got an e-mail asking us to attend a “mandatory meeting” in one of our studios. I had just shot some heavy, emotional scenes, and when I got back to my dressing room Denise Vasi called. She told me about the e-mail and said that, even though she wasn’t on the work schedule that day, she was told that she should come in for the meeting. In the hours leading up to the meeting, we all worried and speculated, most of us suspecting that this would be it…. then we all gathered in “Studio B” where Brian Frons announced that AMC and OLTL were being cancelled.

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