Soap Stars Shocked, Angered by Sudden Cancellation of Two Daytime Dramas

They found out on text message and through phone calls from reporters. 

Despite what ABC claims were their best efforts to tell the cast and crew of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” some of the actors and crew of the two canceled soap operas say they felt blindsided by the cancellation of the long running daytime dramas on Thursday.

“If you weren’t there for the morning meeting, you found out through a third party,” one cast member of “All My Children” told FOX411. Several members of the cast were called at 10am for a meeting announcing the cancellation, but were told so late they couldn’t get there in time. Network execs claim a program-wide message was sent to the staff of both shows earlier in the week telling them a big announcement was coming on Thursday at 11 am Pacific time. 

“Brian Frons, the president of daytime, went physically in person to that set to tell the cast the news and had it set up as a video link to ‘One Life to Live’ in New York and he personally informed the cast and crew,” said ABC spokeswoman Jori Petersen. “We took great effort to tell the cast crew and production staff.”

Still, being fired over video simulcast feels a little like being broken up with over text message, and no one was happy.

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