Give the shirt off your back to save ‘All My Children’!

Lets join and support Sara Hare over at “The Pine Valley Exposer!” She is working really hard to come up with fun ideas that will make an impact at ABC! Everyone please get involved. 

Give the shirt off your back to save ‘All My Children’!

Well as you all know we are working around the clock trying to make sure our favorite show ‘All My Children’ isn’t the next soap to be canceled. We started a ‘Keep AMC on TV’ Facebook page that has already exceeded over 700 members and over 1500 of you AMC fans have signed our online petition. The stars of the show have helped us rest a little easier by saying the show isn’t going to be canceled. But even if they knew they really couldn’t tell us. So we say keep it going!

We have been racking our brains trying to think of something that all us fans could send into the studio to show our support. Our wonderful yahoo group member Kat (Thanks Kat) has made up these great post cards (Click on photo for full printable view) for us to use to mail into the studio to let them know we want them to keep All My Children on the air indefinitely!

But we wanna do more! Now we know with the economy none of us have money to just throw around, But we had an idea! We all have an old T-Shirt or two lying around our house right? What if we all send in old t-shirts to the studio on April 1st along with a letter saying “We give the shirts off our back, to keep All My Children on air” this is just a thought, But that could possible be a plus, plus situation. Think about it they aren’t going to keep the t-shirts hopefully they will donate them to the Salvation Army so you could also be helping someone in need too. The reason I’m posting this is we need your opinions. Other then an old T-Shirt do you have any ideas on inexpensive things we could all send into the studio to show our support for the best soap on daytime ‘All My Children’

We also want to take a moment to THANK YOU all for your help in getting the online petition and facebook page around, We couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for you all doing your part to show your support!

If you haven’t yet to sign the online petition you can do so HERE, and join the fight on Facebook HERE and PLEASE keep spreading them around :)

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