Father Clarence Returns – Ooops! My Mistake!

Updated Dec 25:  Earlier, I was under the impression that Malachy McCourt would be playing Father Clarence again.  Unfortunately, he was unable to reprise the role due to personal emergency.  Father Clarence will instead by played by Michael McCarthy.  We will see him air on Monday, December 27th.

Previous news:  Malachy McCourt reprises the role of Father Clarence on AMC’s Christmas Eve episode this year.

Kendall hopes he’s bringing a miracle with him.

Follow the jump to be “spoiled:”

When Father Clarence comes to her door, Kendall is excited thinking that he has come to bring her hope that Zach is alive.  Sadly, he instead leads her to a journal Zach had been writing that detailed how much he loved her.

How can we completely despair when, in true soap fashion his body was never found!

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