UPDATE: ABC came out with an official statement today (Thursday April 14th 2011) ‘All My Children’ IS being canceled as of September 2011 and being replaced with ‘The Chew’. We still have time to FIGHT!HERE and pass it around to everyone you know and have them sign it too. Another thing we are doing in our fight to save our beloved show is by sending in old T-Shirts to the along with a short note saying adding we are also trying to give back wile getting our point across and adding for them to please donate all old shirts the receive to The Salvation Army.

If you haven’t yet please sign this petition

Everyone i beg of you PLEASE get involved in this, I told y’all a few weeks ago it was our time as fans to fight. PLEASE don’t wait now! Send your letters & T-Shirts today!!!

Be sure to call daily and let your voices be heard, Here is all the info you’ll need…

“We give the shirts off our backs, to SAVE ‘All My Children”


Note: Sara Hare has worked really hard on this campaign. Will it help? Who knows?? Will it hurt? Heck No.  Let’s get on board, and try every little trick in the book.  Are we proud?  Of our show, you bet we are!

Go to her site The Pine Valley EXPOSER! and help in form or fashion she has ask.




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