AMC Spoilers

See what will happen on AMC the week of Jan 31 – Feb 4!

Kendall suggests that Ryan and Greenlee have their wedding at her house.

Greenlee wants to get married at Fusion instead.

Madison drives Ryan to the hospital to check on Kendall and they reminisce about their relationship on the way.

Ryan sets up David, planning for him to be arrested as he tries to escape.

Jesse finds David on the hospital roof and presumes he is attempting to escape.

David insists he is innocent, but is none-the-less handcuffed and returned to prison.

David pleads his case to Marissa.

David uses his one phone call to phone Kendall from prison and tells her that he needs to see her.

When she arrives, he confronts her about the photographs of her with a pillow about to suffocate him.

Kendall appears unaffected by all of this, but as she is leaving, she collapses.

David is released from his cell to treat her.

Kendall’s life hangs in the balance as she is rushed to the hospital.

Griffin informs the family that a life-threatening aneurysm has developed and she will require immediate surgery.

A conversation between Ryan and David that Kendall overhears triggers the return of her memories of the shooting.

Kendall tells Griffin and he contacts Erica, but she does not return the call.

Kendall leaves the hospital to find Erica.

Kendall arrives at the park by taxi, but immediately collapses from abdominal pain.

Griffin calls Kendall’s cell phone and hears what has happened to her.

Jake and Cara hurry to Kendall by ambulance.

Cara tells Jake that she never stopped loving him.

Scott’s feelings for Madison deepen, as does his realization that she is still in love with Ryan.

Natalia accepts a job at a different department and Brot and the Hubbards have a party for her.

Brot gives Natalia a special gift.

Jack catches Erica in Caleb’s arms and is irritated by that and the fact that Erica is keeping important things from him, but confiding in Caleb.

Krystal has a stern warning for Annie.

JR becomes increasingly frustrated by Annie’s behavior and assures Marissa and Krystal that he will take care of the situation.

JR finds proof that Annie staged the robbery and confronts Annie.

Annie admits to JR that she did.

JR tells Annie that unless she gets professional help, they cannot be together.

JR returns Marissa’s jewelry to her and comes up with a cover story, claiming he found them in a pawn shop.

JR confides to Tad that he is not ready to give up on Annie.

Annie grows even more insecure that JR wants to cast her aside.

JR is determined to maintain a friendship with Marissa after the divorce.

JR assures Annie that he loves her and suggests that they go to see Dr. Burke together.

JR is unfortunately called away for business instead.

Colby confronts Annie and forces her to admit that she staged the burglary.

When Colby reveals that she has taped the confession, Annie handcuffs her to a chair.

Annie rushes to make her appointment with Dr. Burke, hallucinating all the way.

This causes her car to crash into the ambulance carrying Kendall, Griffin, Jake and Cara.

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