AMC Spoilers

For the week of January 24th

Angie is pleased by Scott’s plans for the hospital.

Scott encourages Greenlee to be honest with Ryan about his impending fatherhood.

Greenlee and Ryan let Madison know they are engaged.

Madison wishes Ryan well, but tells him that she thinks they could have been great together.

It is revealed that Cara had leukemia when she was young.

Natalia and Brot reach a conflict of interest in working together once their relationship becomes public.

Tad is devastated when Damon tell him he is going to take the job that Liza got him in California.

Damon tells Angie that he appreciates her giving him a chance.

Opal questions the real reason why he’s leaving town.

Colby tells Liza how she plans to repair her relationship with Damon.

Colby wonders out loud who the “whore” was who slept with Damon, causing Liza to squirm.

Colby tells Damon that she has a hotel room reserved for them, but he breaks her heart by telling her that he is no longer in love with her.

Asher finds out who Damon slept with and tells Liza that he will keep the secret, but not if she hurts Colby.

The ladies welcome Kendall back to work at Fusion.

Kendall has a disturbing memory of firing a gun and Erica screaming, “No!”

David ends up staying longer at the hospital.

Jake tells David he is going to try and have him released to the prison and Ryan overhears.

Ryan pretends to be an orderly to sneak into David’s room.

Annie insists that JR tell her when the divorce will be final.

Annie sees JR and Marissa preparing to decorate for Damon’s going away party together.

Annie is sad when JR purposely avoids her when he’s with Marissa.

Marissa is unnerved when she sees Annie fondling some scissors behind her.

Annie, of course, is just helping to decorate for Damon’s party.

Annie has more hallucinations about Marissa and JR.

She trashes her room and leaves hysterical voice mails for JR.

Scott finds her sobbing and presumes JR caused it.

JR lets Tad in on the fact that he and Annie will be a public couple once the divorce is final.

JR is stunned when he hears Annie’s psychotic messages.

Amanda gets JR out of the party so that Annie can explain to him that she left the frantic messages because she was being followed by Scott (she wasn’t).

Marissa sees on JR’s phone how many times Annie has called him and starts to suspect that something is up.

JR confronts Scott about following Marissa and is confused by Scott’s reaction.

Marissa tells Annie that she’s delusional.

Marissa asks JR if he is in love with Annie.

JR tells Annie that they shouldn’t see one another until the divorce is final.

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