AMC Spoilers

For the week of January 17th

Colby and Damon break up.

Liza decides she wants to be more involved in Colby’s life and tells Eric she is postponing the trial in order to spend more time with her daughter.

Erica convinces her to drop the charges.

Bianca wonders why Erica did not include Caleb, her business partner, on her wedding guest list.

Kendall also wonders what’s up with Caleb.

Opal questions Erica directly about Caleb.

Kendall’s anxiety lessens when she hears David is being transferred to another hospital.

Griffin encourages Kendall to start sleeping in her own bed again for a more restful sleep.

Kendall agrees she will do so.

Erica goes to visit David and tells him that he can no longer hurt her family

David wakes up and immediately remembers Kendall shooting him.

Erica tells Jesse that David’s memory is off because of his medical condition.

Jackson is uncomfortable with Erica’s dependence on Caleb.

Kendall hears that David is out of his coma.

Erica warns Bianca that Kendall has to stay far away from David.

Kendall immediately confronts David and is stunned by his accusations that she shot him.

Griffin intercedes and defends Kendall.

Erica tries to win David’s sympathy by telling him of Kendall’s memory loss.

David is unmoved by Erica’s campaign to protect Kendall.

David begs off of Jesse’s questioning, telling him he is too weak and he wants his lawyer present.

Marissa agrees to be David’s legal counsel, despite Krystal’s objections.

David manipulates Erica into bringing Greenlee to him.

Greenlee and David discuss how their relationship has changed.

Erica asks Caleb to help her solve her David problem.

Greenlee and Ryan discuss secrets.

Ryan has a meeting with an FAA agent who claims Zach’s crash was due to a valve malfunction.

After Ryan leaves, the agent makes a mysterious phone call and states that the case is closed.

Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him and she says yes.

They announce their engagement to Jackson and Erica.

Jackson and Erica wonder how Kendall will feel about the impending marriage.

Madison and Scott grow closer and Scott pulls Marissa closer to him when he sees Ryan watching them.

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