AMC Spoilers

For the week of January 10th

Damon confesses to Tad that he slept with Liza.

Tad advises him not to tell Colby what happened.

Tad talks to Liza about what happened and she tells him that she’s afraid she is just like her mother.

Damon does tell Colby that he had sex with someone, but does not tell her who.

Colby asks Tad to try and find out who it was and is dismayed when he suggests that perhaps she and Damon are not right for each other.

Madison goes to see her father in prison to ask him to release her trust fund to her.

She encounters Scott while she’s there and they hit it off well.

She also sees Greenlee, who asks her what she plans to tell Ryan when she can no longer hide her pregnancy.

Greenlee meets with Scott and offers to get him a job at the hospital provided he will court Madison to keep her away from Ryan.

Kendall hires Madison to work from her home so that she can avoid Greenlee.

Ryan learns that Zach had not yet finalized the sale of the casino when he died.

This leads him to wonder if Zach’s death might not have been an accident.

Madison overhears him voicing these thoughts out loud and he warns her not to tell Kendall until he has proof.

Randi and Frankie believe Madison is not as eager to get Ryan out of her life as she says.

Madison gets a letter from Scott that brings her to the prison to visit him.

Ryan tells Madison that he will protect her, Kendall and the boys from whoever killed Zach.

Greenlee sees a text that Madison sent to Ryan and Ryan is forced to tell her about what he learned regarding Zach’s death.

Greenlee predictably scolds Ryan for keeping secrets from her.

Scott tells Marissa that as much as she wants him to walk away from her, it’s not what he wants to do.

As things heat up between Natalia and Brot, she pulls back.

When they talk about it, she admits that she was scared because she is a virgin.

They make love.

JR makes plans to take Annie away on a trip, but her paranoia gets the best of her.

She ends up knocking Marissa out, so she stages a burglary to cover up her actions.

Ironically, because of Marissa’s injury, JR cancels the trip with Annie and postpones the divorce.

Amanda wonders if Annie faked the break in.

Amanda also learns something about Cara that surprises her.

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