AMC Spoilers

For the week of December 27th

Damon makes a decision about his future.

Father Clarence visits Pine Valley.

Kendall starts to heal.

Erica tells Caleb about her history as a parent to help him connect with Asher.

Cara is determined to prove Griffin wrong.

She also tells Tad that her feelings for Jake have resurfaced.

Amanda just wants Cara to go away.

Natalia and Brot decide to spend New Year’s Eve together.

Annie makes certain that JR knows what she wants for Christmas.

JR gets what he wants from Marissa.

JR is upset that Marissa visits Scott in prison.

Marissa catches Scott up on what has been going on with her.

JR visits Scott as well.

Scott tells JR that he knows what he’s doing to manipulate Marissa.

Annie tells Amanda her worries.

JR gives Annie some news she doesn’t want to hear.

Madison ditches the Hubbard festivities and Frankie goes looking for her.

She rejects his concerned interfering.

Greenlee finds Madison passed out in the snow.

Madison makes a decision.

Greenlee offers Madison the means to leave town and start a new life.

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