AMC Spoilers

For the week of December 20th.

Greenlee gains access to the hospital computers and finds out that Madison is pregnant.

JR assures Annie that his closeness with Marissa is only a ruse to get him access to AJ.

Annie blurts out “I love you” to JR and he does not respond.

Marissa supports JR in the face of his business setbacks.

Caleb and Erica share a close moment as she congratulates him for regaining control of Cortlandt Electronics.

Ryan takes it upon himself to book a doctor’s appointment for Madison.

Greenlee worries about the impact the baby will have on her relationship with Ryan.

Randi confronts Greenlee over her treatment of Madison and tells her to back off.

Kendall kicks Ryan out of the house and tells Bianca to back off.

Greenlee tells Madison that she knows her secret.

Bianca shows Kendall the Christmas gifts Zach bought before he died.

Jake and Cara try to find their way working together at the hospital.

Greenlee is about to tell Ryan about Madison’s baby when he suggests they spend some “alone” time together.

Kendall acts out in her grief and Griffin tells her to pull it together.

Thursday’s episode is the reading of Greenlee’s verdict and David’s dramatic entrance into the courtroom.

Friday’s episode is the fallout from David’s return from the dead.

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