AMC Spoilers

For the week of December 13, 2010

Cara and Jake each of flashbacks of the same shared Christmas memory.

Randi finds Madison waiting for her OB doctor and Madison confesses to Randi that she is pregnant.

Madison is shocked to learn that she is approximately 3 months pregnant.

Amanda asks Griffin why Cara has come to town.

Erica tells Greenlee that it would have been best if she never came back and Jackson overhears.

Tad confronts Cara and warns her to stay away from Jake.

Jackson proposes a New Year’s Eve wedding to Erica and she agrees, but things are not smooth sailing between the two as their trust in one another in challenged.

Caleb supports Erica and tells her that she will do the right thing where Kendall is concerned.

Annie opens JR’s Christmas gift and is deeply disappointed.

Madison is overwhelmed by emotions when she talks to Angie about her pregnancy and feels the Hubbard baby kick.

Annie watches from outside in the cold as JR and his “real” family have a close Christmas moment.

JR sees Annie and sends her away, so she trashes her hotel room.

Jake has another flashback of Cara.

Cara has problems with her passport and is pleased to be stuck in Pine Valley.

Madison shows up at Ryan’s place to tell him about the pregnancy and ends up babbling about a “big decision.”

When Greenlee shows up, she switches to say that the decision is to quit Fusion.

Greenlee lectures Madison about visiting Ryan.

Kendall is angry when she learns of a Fusion meeting she did not know about and accuses Greenlee of trying to push her out of the company.

Amanda invites Cara to lunch.

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