AMC Spoilers

For the week of December 6

Bianca again suggests a memorial service to Kendall and she agrees.

JR share with Annie his plan to sweet talk Marissa back into giving him custody.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she must move into the future alone.

Frankie tells Madison that she’s pregnant.

Amanda asks Jake why he has such a hard time with Griffin.

Frankie lays into Ryan for his treatment of Madison.

Ryan comforts Spike at Zach’s memorial service.

Erica worries about Kendall.

Caleb confides to Asher about his life with Sonya and they have a bonding moment.

Natalie and Brot face tension in their non-relationship and Natalia admits her fears.

Angie lures Jesse to a hotel for a romantic evening after learning from Frankie that the invitation she rejected from her husband had been weeks in the planning.

Griffin tries to contact Cara to tell her not to come to Pine Valley.

Just as JR is making progress with Marissa, Annie interrupts.

Cara and Amanda meet at ConFusion and have a conversation, not realizing who the other actually is.

Kendall cuts Greenlee out of her life.

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