AMC Spoilers

See what happens on AMC the week of April 4th.

Emma isn’t finished being angry with Greenlee and lets it be known.

Greenlee tells Bianca that Emma’s attitude is getting to her.

Emma runs away to Scott and Madison’s.

Madison calls Ryan, who comes to pick up Emma.

Emma asks Ryan why he couldn’t marry Madison instead of Greenlee.

Ryan forces Emma to apologize, which she does, but when then whispers something nasty that only Greenlee can hear.

Greenlee refuses to give up on winning Emma back to her side.

Madison is bothered when Scott goes to the movies with Marissa.

Scott is bothered that JR told Madison about his past with Marissa.

Greenlee, Ryan, Madison and Scott go to the hospital for a sonogram.

Ryan and Madison have a private baby moment as they hear the heartbeat.

Emma agrees to therapy when Ryan convinces her that it was his idea, not Greenlee’s.

Emma tells the therapist that she wants Madison to be her stepmother.

Cara tells Tad that he is the best friend she ever had.

Kendall invites Griffin to escort her to Erica’s wedding, but Griffin is immersed in his investigation and refuses her offer.

Ricky, her second choice, eagerly agrees.

Griffin worries that moving forward with the sale of the casino will put Kendall in danger.

Ricky assures Diana that he will make Kendall fall in love with him.

Tad asks Griffin about the drugs stolen from the hospital.

Diana gains entry to Kendall’s house by pretending that her car broke down.

Ricky shows up before Diana can cause harm to Kendall.

Diana tells Ricky that if he doesn’t take care of Kendall, she will.

Kendall figures out that Diana is not who she says she is when she sees her credit card.

Kendall tells Griffin what happened and he goes to Brot.

Brot tells Griffin that there is not enough evidence to support a claim that Diana meant to bring harm to Kendall.

Diana and Ricky get into an argument that turns deadly.

Ricky puts Diana’s dead body on Griffin’s bed to frame him for murder.

Griffin comes home, finds the dead person in his bed and calls the police.

The police arrive, but do not believe Griffin’s story.

Kendall tells Griffin who Diane is and he comes clean about the details of his investigation into the casinos.

Jesse tells Kendall that in Griffin’s room, the police found two tickets to Tahiti under Diana & Griffin’s name and a stash of cash and drugs.

Kendall tells Jesse about the drugs stolen from the hospital.

JR and Marissa almost kiss, but she pulls back and remembers her date with Scott.

JR asks Marissa to help him celebrate 2 years of sobriety.

She tries to get him to accept that they are over.

Amanda tries to convince Jake to leave the hospital and try to make a baby with her.

He declines her offer.

Liza and David have sex.

David believes he may be able to cure Angie’s blindness.

Marissa tries to set Bianca up with a bartender.

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