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Scott shows up just in time to declare himself to be the father of Madison’s baby.

Ryan and Greenlee are married without further incident.

Scott pretends to be surprised when Madison tells him that Greenlee knew she was pregnant.

Annie causes a gas leak and leaves Marissa locked in the attic to die.

Jesse releases JR who hurries to find Annie to have her committed.

Annie tells JR what she did to Marissa.

JR hurries to save Marissa.

When Marissa and JR search Annie’s room at the Yacht Club, Marissa realizes that JR has been staying there with Annie.

JR admits that he and Annie are secretly seeing one another and Marissa is furious.

Annie lures Emma away from the wedding by telling her they are going to have an adventure.

David catches Annie in the act, but then offers to help her disappear with Emma.

Ryan realizes that Emma is missing and confronts JR.

Caleb invites Asher to come live with him at WildWind, but Asher declines, telling Caleb that JR needs his support.

JR tries (unsuccessfully) to patch things up with Marissa.

Ryan listens to a voice mail from Annie and Emma and Greenlee comforts him.

Ryan lambastes JR for ignoring Annie’s condition, then goes to look for Annie and Emma.

Jesse gives Ryan a photo of David and Annie taken moments before she disappeared.

Amanda asks Jake how he felt when Cara told him she still loved him.

Jake assures Amanda that she is the one he loves.

Amanda asks Cara to stop wearing the wedding ring on her necklace.

Cara tells Amanda that she needs to accept the fact that her husband loved another woman first.

Tad informs Jake of the dangers Cara faces if she returns to Doctors without Borders.

Amanda calls the immigration department and reports Cara for fraud.

Tad fakes a funeral to save Cara.

Tad lets Amanda know what he’s doing and she tries to stop what she has put into motion, but to no avail.

Two men arrive and take Cara into custody.

David tells Liza that he is a new man and can be trusted.

Asher overhears Colby say she is going to visit Damon.

Bianca encourages Erica to work things out with Jack.

Erica sees Jack and Krystal sharing cake and has a rush of jealousy.

Bianca tries again to save her marriage.

Marissa agrees to represent Bianca in her divorce, but warns her that the custody issues will not be easy.

Ricky and Griffin square off for the honor of winning Kendall’s heart.

Dianne accuses Ricky of letting Kendall get in the way of his job and suggests that if it continues, what’s getting in the way of his job will be eliminated.

Coming Soon:

Amanda’s impulsive move has unexpected consequences.

Colby finds out what happened.

Erica and Jack talk about their relationship and come to a decision.

Kendall is shocked by what she finds in the box that was recovered from Zach’s crash site.

The search for Emma and Annie takes Ryan, Greenlee and JR to Montreal.

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