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See what will happen on AMC the week of February 7th!

In the ambulance, Griffin swears to Kendall that he is going to save her and gets her to agree to emergency, make-shift surgery.

David has a “partial reinstatement” in order to assist Griffin via telephone in how to do Kendall’s surgery.

Jesse, Bianca, Caleb and Jackson rally around Erica as she worries about Kendall.

The surgery is completed and David declares it a success.

Griffin and Kendall talk about the moment when she said she loves him and both understand that she believed he was Zach at the time.

Kendall confronts Erica with her new memories of the shooting.

Erica defends her actions to Kendall, saying she was trying to protect her from the life-threatening stress of knowing what she had done.

David leverages the shooting information to get Erica to arrange a meeting with the governor to get him pardoned.

Jack finds out about Erica’s intercession on David’s part and is furious with Erica, telling her to get her comfort from Caleb.

David feels the fresh air of freedom and tells Ryan that he not only wants to be a better man, but also a doctor again.

Tad worries about Liza when he overhears David offer to buy her a drink.

Kendall talks to Father Ricky about her vision of Zach in the ambulance.

Griffin overhears Father Ricky ask Kendall out to dinner and jealously confronts him about his feelings for Kendall.

Ricky assures an unseen person that his feelings for Kendall will not get in the way of “his assignment.”

JR consults with Dr. Burke about Annie and as they are talking, she shows up for her appointment with a head wound and says she, “Didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

Colby is able to get to Annie’s cell phone and send JR a text message just before Annie returns.

Annie assures Colby that everyone thinks she is visiting Adam and will not be looking for her.

Asher overhears an odd conversation between Annie and JR and realizes that Colby is in trouble.

Asher saves Colby and tells JR what Annie did.

JR promises that he will handle the situation.

JR consults with Dr. Burke again and tells him that he will attempt to have Annie voluntarily commit herself.

Tad tells JR that he knows that it was his car that hit the ambulance carrying Kendall to the hospital, which causes JR to realize that Annie was the one driving.

Although JR assures Tad that he is taking care of the Annie situation, Tad has papers drawn up to have Annie committed.

JR initiates the conversation with Annie about getting help, but his efforts are interrupted when police arrive to arrest him.

Annie finds the commitment papers and believes Marissa is behind them.

Marissa comes to visit JR and Annie lures her to the attic.

A struggle ensues and Marissa takes a fall, sustaining a serious head injury that renders her unconscious.

Things get even more uneasy between Jack and Erica when Erica refuses to attend Greenlee’s wedding with Jack.

On her wedding day, Greenlee finds Madison at Fusion holding a bouquet.

Madison quickly makes her exit, but leaves her cell phone.

She comes back to get it and Ryan notices she has difficultly bending over to get it.

Greenlee blurts out that Madison is pregant.

Jake sees Cara’s wedding ring when her necklace falls off.

Cara tells Jake she still loves him and explains why she left him.

On Friday, AMC airs the encore presentation of Erica and Jackson’s wedding in Boca Raton, 2005.  For photo memories, click on the thumbnails below:

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