AMC Spoilers

For the week of November 29th

What’s coming up on our favorite soap?

Spike is in a Thanksgiving pageant and Kendall is surrounded by friends and family for the event.

Erica worries about how Kendall is handling Zach’s crash and shares her concerns with Jack.

Krystal has a warning for Jackson.

Bianca finds Caleb working in his office on Thanksgiving and Caleb tells her he has had nothing to be thankful for since he met Adam Chandler.

Greenlee, Ryan and Emma spend Thanksgiving together as a family.

Asher tries to get information about Adam from JR and fails, so he moves on to Colby and gets an earful.

Tad steals a turkey and makes a thoughtful Martin toast.

Asher gets taken in for speeding and refuses Caleb’s help.

Madison shows up on Ryan’s doorstep just in time to pass out in his arms.

Ryan stays by Madison’s hospital bed until she wakes up.

Amanda tries to get information from Griffin about what happened in Africa.

Bianca tells Kendall that part of Zach’s plane has been located.

Kendall asks Greenlee to go to the crash site with her and then asks her to detail Zach’s final moments.

JR invites Annie to go to DC with him.

Annie receives divorce papers from Scott.

JR and Annie decide not to fight their attraction or hide their love.

Marissa finds out that Annie went to DC with JR and runs to tell Caleb.

Asher finds Colby and Damon in a hot kiss.

Next Week:

Annie isn’t thrilled with JR’s plan for dealing with Marissa.

Frankie tells Madison what has caused her symptoms.

Zach’s memorial service takes place.

Greenlee is shocked when Kendall cuts her out of her life.

Asher and Caleb have a truly non-hostile moment.

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