All My Children Spoilers

Find out what happens this week on All My Children.

On their “date,” Cara brings Ricky to the hospital to visit some of the patients.

Cara is uncomfortable by Ricky’s constant questions about Griffin.

Cara resists when Ricky tries to get her to keep Griffin away from Kendall.

This causes Ricky’s temper to boil until Tad intervenes.

Griffin and Kendall’s date goes well as she plies him with wine to get the answers she wants.

Ricky spies on Griffin and Kendall together.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she thinks of Griffin as a friend.

Cara questions Griffin about his date with Kendall, but he claims it was not really a date.

Kendall tells Griffin that she will free up the money needed for the Miranda Center, then the mood turns solemn as they both realize this means he will be leaving again.

Kendall turns down Ricky’s invitation to take her and the boys to a ballgame.

Diane continues to disapprove of his plan to seduce Kendall.

Colby and Asher have a misunderstanding, then does another videocast saying that she is not ready to love again.

Erica rejects Caleb’s declaration of love, but Caleb tells her he will wait for her.

Erica bristles when she sees Jack and Krystal in a close moment, then gives Krystal a warning.

Jack and Erica make the spontaneous decision to elope.

Erica’s maid reveals her wedding plans to Caleb.

Bianca is thrilled when Reese agrees to joint custody.

JR promises AJ that they will all be together as a family again soon.

Marissa discovers that Reese’s change of heart was because of JR.

JR admits that he did intervene with Reese.

Angie confesses how afraid she is.

Jesse and Angie go back to their wedding place at the Justice of the Peace’s office.

Angie goes into labor, but feels there is something wrong.

Jesse is unable to get help to them in time and delivers the baby himself.

Jesse buries his stillborn child alone and passes an abandoned baby off to Angie as theirs.

Amanda confronts Cara.

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