All My Children Spoilers

Battle lines are being drawn!  Find out what happens the week of March 21 on All My Children!

Liza throws caution to the wind and accepts David’s offer of partnership, telling him that she’s at war with Erica and asking for his help.

Erica and Caleb agree to sponsor Colby’s video blog and involve Asher in the project.

Jackson breaks in on the video blog business meeting and wants Erica to set a wedding date.

Asher does not take kindly to JR asking him to spy for him.

Caleb makes a confession to Marissa.

Krystal tells Jackson that she believes in love again because of him and Erica.

Ricky runs interference in the upcoming meeting between Griffin and the casino owners.

Griffin arrives for the meeting anyway and gets a beating for his efforts.

Griffin lies to Kendall about how he got his injuries.

Ricky jealously watches Kendall and Griffin together.

Ricky indirectly suggests to Kendall that Griffin’s beating may have come from a drug deal gone bad and reminds her of the drugs Griffin took from the hospital.

The bachelor auction kicks off with tremendous agendas in play.

Worried about spending time with Kendall, Griffin asks Cara to be his highest bidder in the auction, but she instead bids on Ricky.

Kendall wins the bid on Griffin and plans to get him drunk on wine to find out the truth.

Bianca is devastated to learn that Reese wants full custody of the children.

Marissa has Bianca release her frustration through snowball therapy.

Marissa privately admits to Caleb that Bianca may lose the children.

Cara suggests to Ryan that Emma might need to see a child therapist.

Emma is antagonistic toward Greenlee.

Frankie has a warning for Scott.

Jake is bothered by the closeness between Tad and Cara.

Amanda and JR grow closer.

JR enlists Amanda’s help in making sure Marissa is his highest bidder.

Despite Amanda’s best efforts, Marissa places the winning bid on Scott.

JR warns Madison that Scott and Marissa are more than friends.

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