All My Children Spoilers

Ryan gets some stunning news the week of March 14th

Jesse and Angie ask Jake and Amanda if they will be godparents to the new baby.

Madison confesses to Ryan that the baby she’s carrying is his.

Greenlee feigns surprise over the news that Ryan will be a father again.

Amanda overhears a private conversation between Tad and Jake.

Erica talks to Caleb about her devotion to Jack.

Liza tries without success to make inroads with Colby.

Colby records Liza’s drunken antics and puts them on the internet.

Greenlee and Madison have a confrontation.

Marissa questions herself and her actions.

David tells Liza that they can rule Pine Valley.

David and Liza kiss.

Amanda confides in JR.

Jake defends Cara to the hospital board.

Working on the custody battle brings Bianca and Marissa closer.

Griffin declares Kendall to be healthy.

Krystal decides to move out of the house until Cara talks her into staying.

Madison and Scott share a kiss.

Ricky reports in to Diane.

Emma phones Madison and tells her that they are in Pine Valley.

Annie is committed, but thinks she is going to her wedding to JR.

Ryan finds Emma in the park, but she is furious when she learns her mother’s fate and lashes out at Ryan.

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