All My Children Spoilers

Find out what happens on AMC the week of March 17th

Scott and Madison have an ultrasound and are thrilled to learn that she is having a girl.

Ryan has a video broadcast begging Annie to bring Emma back.

The video airs while Greenlee and Ryan are at the hospital to have her hurt ankle tended.

David gets in touch with Ryan and tells him that Annie called, but that she has promised to call back again at a particular time.

Greenlee, Ryan and David eagerly await Annie’s call, which comes as scheduled.

Ryan is unnerved by his talk with Emma, feeling that she was heavily coached.

Ryan asks Madison to go with him to Boston to find Annie and Emma.

Greenlee encourages the trip.

David begins to look into why exactly Greenlee hired Scott.

Ryan takes Madison to the hospital when she has pain.

Ryan makes a stunning discovery when he overhears Madison tell the doctor her due date.

JR is pleased when AJ is able to persuade Marissa to spend the night.

JR tells Marissa that he wishes he could undo the things he has done that tore their family apart.

Diane is able to lure Kendall away from the yacht so Ricky can search it.

Kendall shows up earlier than expected and busts him red-handed.

Ricky covers by saying that he lost his phone.

Ricky later overhears Griffin telling Kendall about the drugs he’s stolen from the hospital.

Griffin encourages Kendall to talk to Brot about her concerns regarding Zach’s letter.

Brot tells Kendall she may be onto something, but that she doesn’t have enough information yet to warrant a police investigation.

Kendall tells Griffin she is ready to let go of her suspicions and throws away Zach’s letter, which Ricky later retrieves.

Kendall begins to think someone broke into her home.

Caleb’s phone call interrupts Jack surprising Erica with the news that he bought Kendall’s yacht.

Things aren’t going well at Fusion.

JR fusses at Colby for her online rant, but Colby refuses to take it down.

When the video surfaces at Cara’s bridal shower, Liza goes to find Colby.

Tad convinces a skeptical Jesse to be his best man.

When Angie questions, Jesse just tells her that he isn’t asking any questions.

Krystal moves out of the house, but promises Tad that the children will always come first.

Amanda question Jake about him holding onto Cara’s wedding ring.

Amanda pretends to be ill to avoid the wedding.

Tad tells Ruth the truth about the wedding.

Learning that Amanda was behind the INS alert, Cara tells her off.

Agent Kaye zeroes in on a drunken Amanda.

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