All My Children Spoilers

Find out what happens on AMC the week of February 28th!

Bianca tells Erica about the divorce.

Asher confesses to Colby that he already knew about Liza and Damon.

Krystal and Jackson bond further by commiserating over their broken love lives.

Opal accidentally reveals to Jackson that Erica and Caleb kissed.

Colby develops a webcam/internet life.

Jackson confronts Erica.

Tad asks Cara about Jake.

Erica confronts Krystal about her feelings for Jackson.

Jake explains to Tad what he saw in Cara.

Kendall opens up to Bianca about Zach’s letter.

Tad gets advice from Krystal.

Griffin encourages Kendall to let go of the past.

Diane continues to investigate.

Reese and Bianca disagree about custody issues.

David accepts Greenlee’s terms.

Emma contacts Madison.

Kendall overhears something important.

Kendall finds that she is having memory loss.

Marissa agrees to represent Bianca in her divorce.

Leticia worries about Cara.

Reese becomes aggressive about the girls returning to Paris.

Erica and Jackson have a seriously heart to heart talk.

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