All My Children Spoilers

Find out what happens the week of February 21st!

Ryan clings to the idea that JR and David are behind Annie and Emma’s disappearance.

David insists that he is innocent and knows nothing about the disappearance when he is questioned aggressively by Jesse, Greenlee and Ryan.

Ryan catches David phoning Annie.

Marissa believes in David’s innocence until Greenlee shows her the photo of David talking to Annie minutes before the disappearance.

Marissa threatens to cut all ties with David if he doesn’t tell her the truth.

David admits to Marissa that Annie and Emma are at his cabin.

Ryan arrives at the cabin only to find that Annie and Emma are no longer there.

Marissa assists Ryan in planting a voice monitoring device at Chandler Enterprises to implicate JR.

Emma manages to get through to Madison and gives her a clue to their next movie.

Madison contacts Ryan and gives him the news.

Amanda tells Tad about her call to Immigration and tells him that she was afraid for her marriage.

Cara is accused of being a terrorist and denies the charge.

Jake creates a false story for Cara, even going so far as creating documentation to make it appear that she is vital to the hospital.

Tad and Cara first pretend to be engaged to throw off the immigration agents, then make the engagement official.

Yes, folks, there will be a wedding.

Krystal is very upset to hear about the wedding, but does not let on.

Jake is not very happy about it either.

Griffin cautions Jake that if he reveals his feelings for Cara, her cover will be blown.

Amanda confesses to Jake that she made the call, but tried to undo it afterward.

Jake goes off on Amanda, taking her to task for risking Cara’s safety and not trusting him to uphold their marriage vows.

Madison warns Greenlee to stop trying to set her up with men.

Scott asks Madison to move in with him.

Liza confesses to Colby that she had sex with Damon.

Asher offers comfort to Colby and tells her that he knew about Damon and Liza.

Krystal shares her sorrow with Jack regarding Tad’s wedding.

After a conversation with Jack, Erica realizes she must resign from her position at Cortlandt Electronics.

Kendall goes home from the hospital.

When she opens the box recovered from Zach’s plane, she finds something that upsets her.

Her sons arrive home and she puts the box away.

Ricky, who was watching the whole thing, takes this opportunity to steal the page of evidence he has been seeking.

Kendall reads the letter from Zach and is overcome with emotion.

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