All My Children Spoilers

For the week of January 3, 2010

Erica panics when Liza shows her a security camera photo she intends to use to prosecute Kendall.

Jackson assures Erica the photo is not admissable, but has questions about why he was left out of the loop.

Erica writes a letter to Mona about the happenings of 2010.

As Caleb, Bianca and Asher re-enact the shooting, Caleb comes to realize that Erica could not possibly have shot David from her position.

Erica admits to Caleb that Kendall actually shot David but has no memory of doing it.

Caleb and Erica kiss.

Caleb promises Erica that he will keep her secret.

Kendall collapses in Caleb’s arms from pneumonia, which is very serious considering her status as a heart transplant patient.

Griffin and Kendall grow closer as he encourages her to take care of herself.

Caleb informa Liza that Erica is willing to concede to the lesser charges, but Liza refuses to deal.

Erica worries that Kendall will regain her memory of shooting David.

Kendall has an overall threatened feeling surrounding David.

Erica convinces her that it is because of her medication.

Erica goes to David’s room, only to be questioned by Liza for being there.

Erica accuses Liza of being jealous of her success.

When Jackson and Erica are alone at David’s bedside, Erica confesses that she hopes David never wakes up.

They leave and David murmurs, “Kendall.”

Greenlee continue to worry that Madison’s pregnancy will come between her and Ryan.

Madison and Ryan bring Spike and Ian to visit Kendall.

Frankie warns Madison to watch her back around Greenlee.

Greenlee tries to matchmake Madison and Griffin, but Griffin catches on to what she’s doing and confronts her about it.

Annie continues to fume over JR’s renewed closeness with Marissa.

Annie makes a vow for her 2011 resolution that she will never again be ‘the other woman.’

Marissa accompanies JR to his doctor’s appointment where they learn that he is cancer free (thanks to Annie, remember).

Ryan advises JR that he should think twice about hurting Annie or she might flip again.

Annie finds out about Ryan’s warning to JR and tells him that he’d better stay out of her relationship.

Scott warns Ryan that JR is out to steal Cambias.

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