All About the Woman Behind Erica Kane

THE actress Susan Lucci has lived in the same house here since 1978. She grew up in Garden City, as she recounts in her new memoir, “All My Life,” being published this month by It Books. Her daughter, Liza Huber, who is expecting her third child, is raising her young family in Garden City, like her mother and grandmother before her.

And though Ms. Lucci, 64, speaks fondly of her hometown — early in her career, local merchants would help hide her from paparazzi by saying they had not seen her, even when she was in their stores, she said in a recent interview — her decision to stay here was by no means a foregone conclusion. 

“This is a multigenerational town, but it’s funny — I never thought it was any place for me to stay,” the actress said from an elaborately upholstered love seat in her office, where she sometimes studies her “All My Children” scripts. Ms. Lucci has played Erica Kane — a character she describes in the book as “the kind that you just love to hate” — on the ABC daytime drama since 1970.

Ms. Lucci was nominated for an Emmy Award 18 times for the role before finally winning on her 19th nomination in 1999.

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