How to Watch AMC

Most people will likely be accessing the re-launch of The Online Network’s production of One Life to Live on Hulu or Hulu Plus.  Hulu is an online interface that allows viewers to access video footage of TV shows, movies, webisodes and other new media, trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes footage from NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and many other networks and studios.

Access to basic Hulu is free; however, there are commercials now and then within the content they air. Hulu Plus is a premium services that is available at a cost of approximately $7.99 per month.  This theoretically removes the commercials from the presentation and allows viewers to access episodes previously aired on Hulu.  With basic Hulu, only the most recently aired episode will be available.  Also, basic Hulu (the freebie) may only be accessed by a computer interface.  Hulu Plus is able to be viewed on a number of different devices (see below).  Once you pay your monthly fee for your Hulu subscription, you can activate it on as many devices as you like; however, you can only stream shows from Hulu on 2 devices at a time on one subscription.

To watch a show on Hulu, you do not need to download any software.  You do, however, need the following:

Adobe Flash or above
Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or above, or Linux
JavaScript and Cookies also have to be enabled

You can access Hulu Plus on the following mobile devices:

Apple iPhone 3GS, 4S or 5 (Running iOS 5.0 or above)
Apple iPad or iPad mini (Running iOS 5.0 or above)
Apple iPod touch 3rd, 4th and 5th Generation (Running iOS 5.0 or above)
Android Phones and Tablets
Amazon Kindle Fire (Fire and Fire HD)
Google Nexus Tablets
Nook (Nook Tablet and Nook HD)
Ninetendo 3DS
Windows 8 – Tablets, Laptops and Desktops

You can also access Hulu Plus on these gaming consoles, provided they are connected to the internet:

Microsoft Xbox 360
Sony PlayStation 3
Wii U

Some “smart” televisions and Blue Ray players can access Hulu Plus:

Samsung TVs and Blu-Rays (Select Apps Enabled TVs and Blu-ray Players)
VIZIO TVs and Blu-Rays (Select Internet Enabled TVs and Blu-ray Players)
Sony TVs and Blu-Rays (‘09+ BRAVIA TVs, ’09+ BRAVIA Blu-ray Players, Netbox and Dash)
LG TVs and Blu-Rays (Select Internet Enabled Devices)
Panasonic TVs and Blu-Rays (Select Internet Enabled Devices)
Sharp TVs (Select Internet Enabled Devices)
Philips TVs (Select Internet Enabled Devices)
Toshiba Blu-rays (Select Internet Enabled Devices)
Dynex Blu-rays
Denon Blu-rays
Marantz Blu-rays

There are also some streaming media players that can be used to access Hulu Plus:

Apple TV
Roku Streaming Player
TiVo Premiere
WD TV Media Players
RCA Media Players
Netgear Media Players
Funai Streaming Player

You can also purchase the episodes individually on iTunes for 99 cents each.  Click here to get to the  iTunes App Store.

AMC will broadcast four 30 minute episodes each week.